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In the digital age, it goes without saying that your social media profile expresses who you are before you can say a word.  Googling is officially a verb, and it's at the top of the checklist for new employers, new lovers, and even new friends.   In fact, with the privacy settings in place on most platforms, your picture may be the only thing visible to the public eye.  We've all had that awkward first meeting with someone whose picture is so outdated that you walked right by them.  And even if you have mastered the art of iPhonetography, your potential employer won't be impressed with your selfie on LinkedIn.

We bring our candid style into each of our portrait sessions, and we're proud that our portfolio reflects the unique personalities of our clients.  Your session will take place on location, and our goal is to ensure that your portrait looks like you---at your very best.  Whether you're looking for that perfect head shot or a lifestyle collection to personalize your website, we have a package for you.  Please contact us for more information on booking your session today.

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